Tips for Cultivating Your Professional Presence

Productivity and professionalism are strongly linked. In order to be successful in any role in business, you need to cultivate healthy habits and a professional presence. These tips aren’t groundbreaking innovations, but they are simple, practical and easy to incorporate into your life.


While it may seem counterproductive, taking time off can actually help you get more accomplished. Small breaks can drastically increase your level of concentration. From eating lunch away from your workplace to taking a 10 minute walk outdoors, short breaks can help you keep up your consistency and quality in the workplace.


Procrastination and professionalism don’t mesh well. If you want to be taken seriously in any line of work, it’s vital that you take the time to schedule your work effectively. Once you’ve slotted time for a particular activity, stick with it. Don’t wait to the last minute to rush a job and deliver a poor product.


Living in a 24/7 culture, it can be extremely tempting to take a break from work in order to become distracted with social media, friends who have the day off or other midday distractions. Whether you work a typical workday or not, keep your working hours free from outside distractions. Whether online or in-person, saying no to your friends is sometimes necessary in order to maintain a professional and productive workday.


A common area of distraction in the office is your phone or internet browser. With dozens of highly addictive social media channels right at the tips of your fingers, it can be very difficult to stay on task during work. Keep your phone out of reach, and only answer emergency phone calls. Limit the amount of time you spend on the internet, and don’t open unnecessary pages until you are finished with your work.


One of the most important ways to keep up your productivity and maintain your professionalism is a positive outlook. Positive thoughts not only help you feel better, they typically help you work better. Many managers know that happy employees are successful employees. Get plenty of rest, have a healthy morning routine and be sure to start every work day on the right foot.


You may never lose the temptation to become distracted or unproductive during a workday. However, with these tips and some patience, you can dramatically increase your levels of productivity, professionalism and positive outlook in the workplace. Your professional presence can help you become successful in any area and in any role in your company.


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