How to Adjust Your Leadership Tactics As Your Business Grows

If your business is hitting a rocky patch, you may need to reevaluate your leadership strategy. The motivational speeches and encouraging policies that may have motivated your small business may not be as effective as you manage a mid-sized business. Discover how you can adjust your leadership tactics as your business grows.


There are three basic things that all individuals need in order to stay motivated at work. The first is autonomy. Your employees need to feel they can take ownership in at least a part of their work and their environment. The second is competency. You need to help your employees see how they are continuing to learn and grow in their expertise. Finally, a sense of relatedness is crucial to keeping your team together through thick and thin. You may have mastered the techniques needed to convey these three in a small group, but how can you adjust to face the challenges of a larger business?


The same basic principles still apply. You’ll have to work harder, as many of your employees may not be under your direct supervision. One way to foster this environment is by listening more. Ask not only your managers but all levels of employees how they feel about their work, the company and anything that could be done to improve their productivity. You may be surprised to find out how beneficial it can be to show your employees you care about their opinions.


If you feel any of your employees aren’t fully on board with the company mission, spend more time intentionally connecting their personal goals with your overarching company goals. Encourage each employee to make their work personal by finding individual goals and milestones they can celebrate.


Once you’ve created a more open environment for feedback, you’ll be able to ask your employees how you can help them improve their role in the company. Don’t use your leadership role to dole out critiques through one-way communication. Instead, help each individual in your company learn that they can also communicate back any questions or concerns they may have.


These are just a few small tips on how you can adjust your leadership style in the midst of massive growth or change. Small businesses can find that they face a whole new set of exciting challenges as they grow. Be inspired to continue to lead your company to greater levels of growth and success as an effective leader.


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