Don’t Overlook These Write-Offs for Business Taxes

As an entrepreneur, you may feel overwhelmed during the tax season. You can save money by cutting on your overall taxable income by claiming deductions. However, some entrepreneurs are often unaware of tax write-offs that can save them some dollars. Here are some tax write-offs you may need to consider when filing your business taxes.

Business Drives

You can take mileage deduction for a business trip to write-off your business car expenses. You can report the total miles you drove for business purposes when filing your taxes. The mileage is then multiplied by the reimbursement rates, and the result is the amount you get deducted. Business owners often overlook this deduction because they don’t understand business mileage.

Insurance Premiums

Small business owners often get intimated by the enormous expenses of forms of insurance. You may claim your insurance premium if you have a personal health plan, you are a sole proprietor, pay the premiums out of pocket or you are a business partner. You can consult a tax professional to understand healthcare deductions.

Petty Cash

You perhaps use petty cash to sort small items in your business such as paying for parking, office meetings and tolls. You can capture the small expenditures to add to significant tax savings. It’s wise to keep track of the money you spend in your business so that you can use the little spending to cut down on your taxable income. You can be shocked at how much tax savings you can make when you input all the small expenses into your accounting system.

Professional Fees

You can write-off fees associated with hiring professionals such as accountants, lawyers or tax experts. The critical aspect here is to make sure that the services are related to your business.

Advertising Costs

Good advertising can help your small business, primarily if it’s operating on a local scale. While the cost of advertising and promoting your business can be high, you can write-off almost all promotion forms. It can cover print advertisements, website maintenance, sponsoring community events and production of branded items.

Bad Debts

You can write-off unpaid debts related to revenues from products. However, some write-offs such as delinquent bills can be tricky. That’s why it’s wise to engage a tax professional when filing your business taxes.

Educational Expenses

You can write-off educational training and workshops related to your sector. It’s good to note that educational expenses that qualify for deductions ought to be associated with your business. You can also deduct conferences, online classes, and lectures.

The trick is to keep a record of all your business expenses during the year. You can add and include the costs in your business tax return. Consider talking to an expert on unclear write-off issues.


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